"David's Goliath will empower all of us to Climb Higher and find the strength to overcome even the most difficult challenge.”

~ Montel Williams - Acclaimed TV Host, Bestselling Author and Creator of The Montel Williams MS Foundation


"David's Goliath confirms what I have been living for years... You can overcome any obstacle in life with faith, determination and drive. Having fought my own Goliath with my strokes, David's story and fight embodies "True Strength."

~ Kevin Sorbo - Famed Actor of Hercules Series and Author "True Strength"


"I could not put this extraordinary book down as I became more inspired by each chapter. David writes from his heart and his personal story is nothing short of remarkable."

— Rita Cosby - Emmy Award-Winning TV Host and Bestselling Author








David’s Goliath official book release was in March (MS Awareness & Education Month) 2013 at bookstores such as

Lifeway, Family Christian, Mardels and Barnes & Noble nationwide.



David at Family Christian Book store Santa Clarita, CA.


Help David & His Team Fight Multiple Sclerosis.

The MS Fitness Challenge (MSFC) was birthed from David Lyons' MS Bodybuilding Challenge and his wife, registered nurse, Kendra's desire to help others who suffer from multiple sclerosis. His bodybuilding challenge and his book, David's Goliath, about his journey as a bodybuilder with MS are inspirations to others who find trials and obstacles in life to overcome. But the MSFC is David's test to others to fight this debilitating disease through health & fitness.

Partnered with FitPro: Real Milk Protein company, the Fitness Evolution gym chain, KewlFit Cooling Vests and the NaturalBody fitness brand it is the goal of the MS Fitness Challenge to provide certified fitness professionals to people with MS nationwide in an effort to educate and train them in the benefits of health & fitness in winning the battle against multiple sclerosis. MSFC will pay for these professionals to work with the person signed up for the Challenge and a membership for that person at one of the MSFC host fitness centers through the donations of its supporters.

Most people with MS cannot afford the cost of hiring professionals to help them and medical insurance does not cover this expense. Patients find themselves discouraged with their limitations and lack of help in the area of fitness. Prescription medications can provide symptom relief but there is no cure for MS and there is little support of a health regime for patients. MSFC implements the support people with MS need to stay as fit as possible, overcome limits and keep their bodies moving.

Help us help those with MS to beat this disease through health & fitness and combat its devastating effects on the body. 100% of all donations go to the cost of the MS Fitness Challenge program with a portion going to the National MS Society to support their organization's work to educate, provide resources and help find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Win the battle against all odds and join the MS Fitness Challenge today!