MS Bodybuilding Challenge Team


John Britt

Fitness Coach John Britt is a Florida State

Trooper and specially trained fitness instructor who, in 2008-2009, helped David stay the course no matter how difficult.

John is one of only 15 Florida State Troopers certified by the Cooper Institute in Dallas Texas and qualified to train new recruits. The Cooper Institute Personal Trainer (CI-CPT) Certification examination is a nationally accredited exam for becoming a Personal Trainer.



Darren Barnes

Fitness Trainer Darren Barnes, a champion

bodybuilder and certified trainer, worked one on one with David in 2008-2009 daily to push him to extremes. Darren Barnes is a former martial arts champion with over 20 years experience. He began in the fitness industry in 1990 as a supplement to his martial arts training. Darren has held certifications in several aspects of the fitness industry including group certification with AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Martial Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Instructor certification and he is currently certified as an IFA (International Fitness Association) personal trainer. Darren is also working on a certification as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist with Exercise & Nutrition Works, Inc. as well as a degree in Occupational Therapy.

Darren began his career as a competitive bodybuilder at the age of 38 and has competed in five NPC bodybuilding shows with top three finishes in all of them including:

  1. * 2006 Mid-Florida Muscle Classic - Over 35 class - 2nd place

  2. * 2007 Mid-Florida Muscle Classic - Over 35 class - 1st place

  3. * 2007 Southern States Championship - Over 35 class - 2nd place

  4. * 2007 Debbie Kruck Classic - Over 40 class - 3rd place

  5. * 2007 Florida State Championship - Over 35 class - 1st place


Monica Callan

Monica Callan is a registered dietitian and

personal trainer who has appeared on television and has written articles as a nutrition expert. She developed the first-in-class corporate wellness program Be 365, with Barney & Barney. She currently works as an independent consultant, helping individuals & families reach their true health potential.




Deke Warner

Florida Central District Vice Chairman of the

National Physique Committee (NPC), the most prominent amateur physique organization in the world and the amateur arm of the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) professional bodybuilding in the USA. Deke has invited David to compete in his Mid Florida Classic contest in Orlando in June 2009 and supports him all the way. This bodybuilding competition is David's first goal. David will be featured in the NPC magazine this year.





John Morris


Independent filmmaker, editor and former

TV producer. John has been a television producer since 1988 working with NBC and Fox in the Midwest, most recently with MVP Media as their creative director. 


Dr. Khizar Malik, M.D.

Dr. Malik, David's multiple sclerosis

physician is a board-certified neurologist with private practice offices in Celebration and Dr.Phillips, Florida. He is a consultant for Florida Hospital and Orlando Regional Healthcare.


Ram Umrao


From the start of The MS Bodybuilding

Challenge, Ram, owner of the Max Muscle sports nutrition store in Orlando designed a personalized nutritional program for David and provided David with all his bodybuilding supplements by donating everything he needed.






Dr. Jason Kelberman

Owner of the Westside Wellness Center, a

holistic center for education, non surgical treatment and prevention programs. With emphasis on rehabilitation and optimizing health and performance for all humans and athletes, including weekend warriors and adventurists.

We specialize in the drugless management of metabolic disorders, Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy and design our treatments to eliminate acute or chronic pain as fast as possible. We do this utilizing nutritional therapies, lifestyle changes, blood, urine and hair analysis, chiropractic care, physical therapy modalities, acupuncture without needles and exercise rehabilitation with computerized MedX spinal rehabilitation. Our staff, athletes themselves, work as a team to develop a personalized program to get you back to your favorite activities as quickly as possible, prevent future injuries, and maintain a peak level of fitness for your better health.

Dr. Kelberman is one of a rare breed of chiropractors who integrates the Triad of health into his treatments of the whole person. Our human bodies are a combination of physical, chemical and mental (emotional & spiritual) components. That imbalance in one or more areas can affect the whole body and should be treated simultaneously for quicker and more complete results.

Specialized Testing:
  1. * DNA testing for health, wellness and longevity (“Telomere” tests)

  2. * “TA65M” enzyme therapy for rejuvenation of damaged DNA, restoration of bone density and immune system enhancement.

  3. * “Neurohealth” Urine testing to diagnose all metabolic (chemical) dysfunctions.

  4. * Hair Analysis to reveal toxic element exposure.

  5. * Micronutrient deficiency testing.

  6. * Blood testing for food allergy and chemical sensitivities

  7. * In office Hemoglobin A1C testing for instant Diabetes screening.

  8. * Kinesiological testing for muscle weakness, movement dysfunction and injury rehabilitation as well as energetic detection of radiation exposure and the latest safe treatment without iodine.





Brad Homan


Medical Advisor Dr. Homan's vast experience includes:

1. Chief of Surgery and Director of Sports Medicine at Florida Hospital Celebration Health

2. Medical Director of The Fitness Centre at Celebration Health

3. Team Physician, Orlando Sharks Professional Indoor Soccer

4. Staff Physician Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

  1. 5. NBA pre-draft combine 2006, 2007, 2008-sports medicine director and practice coverage

6. Staff physician, Coach Tom Shaw performance enhancement camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports